POWDER METAL (For more information, please click here)

Powder metal, also known as powder metallurgy, is good at making products whose structures are simply Left-Right way or Up-Down way, such as gear and flange, but it can’t deal with multi-directional and complex structures.

powder metal 1
powder metal 2
powder metal 3
powder metal 4

Metal Injection Molding (MIM) actually developed from the process of powder metal (PM), it can solve the problem which is beyond PM’s ability. Normally, the weight of a single MIM part is less than 60 grams, and its tolerance can be controlled within ±0.03 mm, for some special designs, we can even make its tolerance smaller than ±0.01 mm. The green parts of PM and MIM already have smooth surfaces that are very close to finished products before any surface treatment.

metal injection molding 1
metal injection molding 2
metal injection molding 3
metal injection molding 4


Aluminum machining parts 2
Aluminum machining parts 3
Aluminum machining parts 4
Aluminum machining parts 5

INVESTMENT CASTING (For more information, please click here)

Investment casting also called precision casting, sometimes referred as modern lost-wax casting. Although our main casting products are auto spare parts at present, its verity scope is definitely far beyond this. It could be any product whose weight is from dozens of grams to several kilograms, such as fastening parts, kitchen wares and art wares. According to our experience, we can control the tolerance from ±0.2 mm to ±0.8 mm just through the process of investment casting.

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