1.High requirements on accuracy
2.Blades need to be interchangeable
3.The whole set of clipper needs to be well mirror polished including the areas hard to touch
4.Important accessory:the spring system

The Handles(medical clipper)related processes: MIM(metal injection molding), CNC machining

Initially, our dear customer also a very good friend who comes from south Europe, he just wanted a custom handle from us, as the picture shows on the right side. At the beginning of prototype period, we didn’t get any tolerance requirement, and our customer couldn’t provide it either, because this product was never made before, it was a brand-new design. Firstly, we tried to make this handle by investment casting to help our customer save their cost, but after being failed several times, we both realized that his handle definitely needs an extremely strict tolerance if we really want to fix blades into handles and let them work perfectly.

Fortunately, we didn’t waste much money on the trials of investment casting, and we told our customer that we would bear the R&D cost, because we can deeply understand how important the limited budget means for a new project. Eventually, we managed to complete perfect handle prototypes by MIM (metal injection molding) for our customer, and during the long-time communication, our professional skills and thoughtful services made the customer decide to place all relevant orders to us.

As you can see, besides these handles, there are also three types of blades made by MIM, two types of screws and some small parts of Spring-System made by CNC machining. Honestly speaking, we did spend so much energy and time to make those mentioned products, because as I said before, this is a new project, all drawings have some mistakes, but under the help from our excellent engineers, we successfully fulfilled the task.

Accessories(medical clipper)
assembly drawing(medical clipper)
Blades(medical clipper)
completed products(medical clipper)