As we all know that China has been developed a lot since the year of 1978, we are no longer who we used to be, more and more big cities are following the step of Shanghai, they are being updated to be international metropolises, Hangzhou where our company locates is a new member of them.

People in the first picture are our general manager and our casting parts partner also an importer who comes from Sweden. After having the first willing cooperation, they went to a fabulous club in Hangzhou. “This club makes me feel like I come to a Western country” our manager says, because there were so many people come from all over the world. Besides local Chinese people, we have Europeans, Latinos, and Africans in the club, people were enjoying drinks and chatting when we took the second photo, what a harmonious atmosphere, that’s what Chinese people like the most.

Check on the third picture, the piano player was so skillful, his facial expressions changed fast and ridiculously just to make people laugh. After a short piece of bright piano solo, the rhythm became solemn, a beautiful young lady with nice dressing came out from a side room, she is the singer! With the help from piano player, they presented an impressing song to audience, of course they received a sustained standing ovation.

“Thank you, Eric, thanks for bring me here and had so much fun”, our customers said. They spend 3 hours in that club, and finished 5 bottles of wine!

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Fun with our customer 2
Fun with our customer 3